1. My Eurowings flight is delayed. Where can I find information on how to proceed?2. Information on delays, cancellations and air passenger rights3. Can I add services to my Eurowings booking later?4. Can I also book flights at Eurowings on my mobile phone?5. Can I cancel my Eurowings booking?6. Can I carry musical instruments in the Eurowings cabin as hand baggage?7. Can I change my Eurowings flight booking?8. Can I check in musical instruments as luggage at Eurowings?9. Do I have the option of downloading digital newspapers and magazines at Eurowings?10. How can I check in with my mobile phone at Eurowings?11. How does Eurowings check-in work?12. How do I book a flight at Eurowings?13. How do I change my Eurowings booking by mobile phone?14. How do I check the status of my Eurowings flight on my mobile phone?15. How long will Eurowings store my mobile number?16. How often will I receive text messages from Eurowings?17. What do I have to consider if I have booked a Eurowings flight in combination with another airline?18. What happens if I change my mobile phone number?19. Why can I not book services for my flight via Eurowings?20. Why can I not manage or view my flight online via Eurowings?21. Why can I not check in online via Eurowings for my flight?22. Why do I need to enter my personal information and travel document information to use the web and mobile check-in features at Eurowings?23. Why is my Eurowings flight operated by a partner airline?24. Why must I confirm my subscription?25. Will I receive calls from Eurowings?26. Will my mobile phone number be passed on to third parties?